Exhibitions & Projects > B Sides and Rarities Nyisztor Studio December 2021

In the contemporary age of streaming the B side is an outdated term in the commercial business of releasing popular music. It refers to recorded material that was relegated to the other side of what was called the A side, where the hit song was. In many instances the B side become as or even more valued than the A side, striking a chord with listeners that the record company didn't anticipate, revealing another side to the artist or band previously not encountered.

Despite it's retrograde connotations I believe this is an accurate description of the premise of my exhibition. I maintain a (almost) daily studio practice, allowing ideas and approaches to develop through chance, luck and repetition. Sometimes a new work or series comes out of the blue and eventuates from a random sequence of actions (despite how ordered they seem). Other works sit around for months and years until they appear completed. Many of these works have missed the cut when past shows were being prepared, they just didn't fit in, until this exhibition.
Those who have seen my past work will know that I operate within self imposed limitations in terms of colour, shape and format. Limiting information I believe, allows the work to reveal itself over time, and rewards a longer viewing experience. The viewer is invited to be with the artwork, rather than look at it as a deliverer of stories and things seen (though there are some contradictory rarities here).