Exhibitions & Projects > Ground Plane 2019

Trevor Richards' practice is informed by his own personal encounters with patterns, which he collects to form a biographical inventory. Using a restricted colour palette, these patterns are then adapted for studio based artworks and architectural interventions. In Ground Plane a tesselating pattern derived from a 4th century Roman ruin has been reinvented using customised carpet squares, boldly activating the Australian Gothic architecture of Fremantle Art Centre. Repetitive yet spatially ambiguous, the pattern could be imagined to extend indefinitely. Two suspended resin coated monochrome panels act as focal points within the room, inviting the viewer to see oneself as part of the artwork.
In 2020 the work was reincarnated at the Holmes A Court Gallery in West Perth. The carpet squares were situated in the mezzanine area covering the floor and running up the western wall.